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Business program of «Gardentool’2012»

March 12th, Monday

March 13th, Tuesday

March 12th, Monday

1:30 p.m. — 3:30 p.m.

Seminar «How to double sales of a retail store»

Organizer: Company «Mokselle Group»
Venue: Pavilion No.3, conference hall in the exhibition’s venue
Seminar’s hosts: Sergey Kapustin, Dmitry Krutov

Seminar’s program:

Fundamental principles without which you cannot succeed

  • 3 principal methods of increasing sales of a retail store
    • Attracting more new clients
    • Increasing average purchase size
    • Increasing the frequency of purchases of established clients
  • Why we shouldn’t treat advertising and promotion as an additional expense item. Marketing as investments (How much does 1 dollar you spent on marketing yield?)

How to get your sellers sell more and better

  • Increasing your average purchase size. How to implement the Up-Sell system in a retail store
  • Effective sales algorithm

System of sellers’ motivation

  • Why the classical motivation system (salary + %) doesn’t work well. Implementing a progressive motivation system
  • Using the spirit of competition for your sellers. Motivational board

Attracting new customers. Practical instruments.

  • Why do you need a map of sales territory and how will it help you to increase sales
  • How to work with a map of sales territory correctly in order to distribute various advertising media
  • Secrets of working with outdoor advertising (types, niceties, location, and mistakes)
  • How to use direct marketing during promotion of a store
    • Local postal/e-mail/sms-distribution
    • Invitation letter from a store
    • Flyers and discount coupons
    • Local mailing to regular customers
    • Distribution of advertising materials from hand to hand
  • Is there any use to advertise in mass media, and how to do it in a right way
  • How to use PR so that everyone knows about your store
    • How to improve the status of a store by attracting VIPs
    • How to start a «grapevine» (word-of-mouth advertising) correctly
    • How to advertise in apartment houses with a maximum effect
    • How often and how many actions should be organized in a store, so that they are effective
    • How many actions can take place at a time, so that a buyer has an opportunity to examine the content of each of them
    • How to calculate the result and effectiveness of each action

Increasing sales of your store through the Internet

  • Myths of selling through the Internet
  • Special features of Internet marketing
  • How should a site that sells look like
  • What are the methods of correct measurement of effectiveness of money placed into the Internet

How to provide maximum coverage of various categories of clients due to right assortment matrix

  • What range of goods does a customer expect to find. What commodity groups and how many of them.
  • How deep should an assortment be
  • How to choose an effective portfolio of brands (brands-authorities, brands-suppliers of profit, brands-suppliers of clients)
  • Two-step sales. Goods-locomotives
  • How not to lose a client? Using substitute goods
  • Increasing average purchase size due to goods for upselling

Increase of profit due to effective pricing

  • Price elasticity — achieving an optimum point of demand and price
  • Keeping price statistics in order to determine an optimal price
  • How to form prices of you products in a store correctly. Pricing approaches (competitive, value, status, complex)
  • How wide should a price range in a store be

March 13th, Tuesday

11:00 a.m. — 01:00 p.m.

Seminar — training «Is it profitable to sell an expensive product? — Yes, it is. How to do it?»

Organizer: Information portal on equipment and tools «Profitoolinfo»
Venue: Pavilion No.3, conference hall in the exhibition’s venue

Seminar’s program:

  • Learning to buy in a right way. Forms of comparative calculation of economy (what is more profitable — deferral or a low price, cheap or expensive goods, relations with a supplier) — learning to count money.
  • Retailer’s methods of selling. How to correctly define the type of a customer and to choose a product which is the most suitable for them (key objective of a retail store).
  • Putting knowledge into practice. Garden hoses. Comparing types and kinds, prices and terms. Answering the question — how to sell high-quality garden hoses at prices which are not the lowest ones.

March 13, Tuesday

02:00 p.m. — 03:00 p.m.

Seminar «Advertisement in gardening publications. Modern approach»

Organizer: «Gardener» magazine
Venue: Pavilion No.3, conference hall in the exhibition’s venue
Seminar’s host: Julia Popova — editor-in-chief of the magazine «Gardener»

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